January 10, 2013

PTI Assignment chapter 11

Rickvian Aldi / 1601253441 / 01PBT

True or False
1.      False 
2.      True
3.      False
4.      True
5.      False
6.      True
7.      True
8.      True
9.      False
10.  False
11.  True
12.  False

Multiple Choice
1.      B
2.      D
3.      A
4.      C
5.      C
6.      D
7.      D
8.      C

1.      J
2.      D
3.      E
4.      G
5.      I
6.      C
7.      B
8.      A
9.      H
10.  F

Short answer
1.-One technique that antivirus programs use to identify a virus is to look for virus signatures. A virus signature, also called a virus definition, is a known specific pattern of virus code. Computer users should update their antivirus program’s signature files regularly. A virus hoax is an e-mail message that warns users of a nonexistent virus or other malware.

2.-Energy star is a green computing program made by the US, ensuring all the computer and peripherals are energy-efficient. User should not store obsolete computer in the basement or warehouse, because obsoletes computer contains toxic.

3.-Information privacy refers to the right of individuals and companies to deny or restrict the collection and use of information about them. 
§   Fill in only necessary information on rebate, warranty, and registration forms.
§  Do not pre-print your telephone number or Social Security number on personal checks.
§  Have an unlisted or unpublished telephone number.
§  If Caller ID is available in your area, find out how to block your number from displaying on the receiver’s system.
§  Do not write your telephone number on charge or credit receipts.

4. –Avoid contacting suspicious message.
- Any legitimate message or so looks-alike should be checked in the official site

5. Clickjacking is an object or link. which often contain links, picture that contains malicious program.
-Internet Content Rating Association (ICRA) rates whether a website is malicious, eligible  or not.