September 16, 2012


apa itu torrent?
sebagaimana dikutip dari torrent adalah download yang berbasis peer2peer dimana terdapat yang namanya seeder dan leecher
seeder adalah pengguna yang mengupload file agar dapat didownload oleh leecher
contohnya jika anda sedang mendownload game, file yang anda dapat berasal dari seeder yang sedang menguploadnya

nah, proses downloadnya terdiri dari beberapa langkah. yang harus dilakukan pertama adalah mendapatkan file .torrent
file ini digunakan oleh uTorrent agar dapat mengetahui file yang akan di download. berikutnya file ini akan digunakan di uTorrent, dan prosses download akan dilangsungkan.
jumlah seeder akan mempengaruhi kecepatan download, jika jumlah leecher melebihi kapasistas seeder, tentunya speed akan drop
download dapat di pause dan distop , dan resume kapan saja jdi tidak perlu khawatir :bd

torrent dapat di download menggunakan aplikasi uTorrent
uTorrent :

and here botanicula page :
if u like this game please support the developer :b

u need daemon tools to install this:
step :

1 .after finishing download rename the files one by one
e.g : ppt-bula.001 to ppt-bula.r00
2 .then extract it, the file will be an ISO
3. click daemon icons at bottom right choose your drive, select the ISO file My computer, u should now see the botanicula icon
5. double click, install
as i know, i don't need any crack for this game

September 5, 2012

Leaked video shows 'real' iPhone 5

tag : iphone 5, leaked video iphone 5 ,  leaked iphone 5, iphone 5 release
news from cnet

It's now exactly one week until September 12, otherwise known as iPhone 5 launch day. Or perhaps it'll be "new iPhone" launch day.
Whatever the case, another Apple handset is coming -- and a new video suggests that all the mockups, leaked specs, and other rumors we've seen are right on target.
The video (obtained via Gizmodo) shows the new iPhone alongside an iPhone 4, with the handler turning them over so you can see them side by side, back to back, top to top, and so on.
OK, sure, but maybe this is just another mockup of assembled parts? Nope: 40 seconds in, the user boots both phones -- and it's about 34 seconds later that the new iPhone springs to life.
Well, sort of: it springs to an error message about it being "not registered as part of the iPhone Developer Program."
Even so, I don't think there can be any question that what we're seeing here is the new iPhone. After repeated viewings of the video, I'm left with these thoughts:
  • The new iPhone does indeed appear to be a hair thinner and narrower than the iPhone 4, and perhaps half an inch taller.
  • Maybe it's a trick of the lighting, but the new screen seems much blacker than the old one.
  • The iPhone 4 finished booting about 6 seconds after the new iPhone.
  • Both models showed a briefly animated Apple logo in the final second of the boot process. I'm assuming that's an iOS 6 thing, though I haven't found any reference to it elsewhere. If you're a developer, have you seen this before?
  • The headphone jack is on the bottom, alongside the new dock connector. Not sure how I feel about that, but my initial reaction is: "Oy."
Your thoughts? Think there's any chance this video could be a fake? Which are you sicker of right now: iPhone 5 coverage or election coverage?